Gulf Coast Western uses the latest in technology to reduce emissions

State of the Industry

Since the beginning of the 21st Century, the United States has increased domestic oil and natural gas exploration and production, to help decrease the dependence on foreign oil. Since 2005, the United States has produced about 75 percent of all of the energy resources that are consumed, and importing rates have continued to decline in recent years. The U.S. also serves as a net exporter of petroleum and other energy based products, which creates jobs and helps to strengthen the economy. New developments in exploration and development techniques have made U.S. oil and gas production more productive. This is an exciting time to invest in the oil and gas industry.  



At Gulf Coast Western, they pride themselves on professionalism. They believe in transparency and give every potential partner all of the information they need to make a sound decision before investing. They believe in communicating honestly with all of their partners, helping them to understand the risks and potential benefits of a partnership. By working with partners throughout the process to answer questions and to address concerns, their relationships are built on trust. Potential partners may tour the sites and see them in person, answering questions at every step of the process.

Commitment to Safety and Responsibility

Since their founding in 1970, Gulf Coast Western has been committed to personal safety and environmental responsibility. They adhere to strict standards that help to ensure the safety of their employees. They have also chosen to partner with companies who offer drilling techniques that are innovative and have fewer emissions and cleaner techniques. In the past decade, the oil and gas industry has developed many techniques to help mitigate the impact of drilling on the environment. One such development includes using seismic technology to determine whether or not a formation is viable for oil and gas production.

Commitment to the Environment

Gulf Coast Western is committed to operating in an environmentally friendly manner. They partner with companies who are developing new techniques that are less harmful to the environment, and are committed to studying renewable energy sources including natural gas. Since 2000, the oil and gas industry has also worked to change refining practices to help mitigate environmental impacts throughout the process. The industry has worked with environmental scientists and other experts to help adhere to regulations. GCW  often utilizes technologies that result in cleaner energy like hydraulic fracturing and converting existing reserves into usable energy.

Giving Back

Gulf Coast Western is known for giving back to others. They have contributed to a number of charitable organizations that help to improve the health and quality of the lives of others. Some of these organizations include Smile Train, Shriners Hospital for Children and the American Cancer Society, among others. They are dedicated to health and wellbeing, particularly with regard to children and families.

Diversified Exploration Since 1970
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Gulf Coast Western, along with its partners has facilitated the exploration, development and acquisition of oil and gas reserves in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Colorado, and plan on aggressively continuing their extensive growth strategy. In these areas, there are opportunities for new Partners in the form of active producing areas that are currently earmarked for development of oil and gas. 

Founded in Dallas, Texas, GCW are experts in domestic oil and gas production, having developed many successful relationships with accredited Joint Venture Partners. Their experience in the industry allows them to develop strict geological and geophysical guidelines for each prospect area, improving the chances of success for their Partners. At Gulf Coast Western, the belief is in responsible exploration and development, and they are always creating strategies to explore and develop oil and gas plays.  

Domestic oil and gas production can be a reliable, long term investment, though it is risky. As such, Gulf Coast Western only accepts investments from partners who are accredited investors. Partnering with Gulf Coast Western is a sound decision because of their expertise in the industry, as they know what will likely make an area successful for drilling and production success. Gulf Coast Western helps all clients navigate the partnership process, helping them to gain a detailed understanding of domestic oil and gas production. GCW believes in transparency, and connecting partners to all of the resources they need to make sound decisions about entering into a Joint Venture Partnership.

Natural gas is predicted to continue record consumption numbers, and domestic production is a viable investment for the future. At Gulf Coast Western, they have built their business on diversified investment, with a number of opportunities for successful investment by partners. GCW has recently expanded from simply operating in the Gulf Coast region into other states, and are continually evaluating potentially productive sites all over the country.

The are committed to safety, providing well operations and safety services at sites around the country. A recently formed subsidiary will  improve the health and safety of oil and gas sites. This subsidiary is responsible for containment and cleanup at drilling and fracking sites, equipment cleaning, high pressure pipe restraints and many other safety procedures. Their experience in the industry gives first hand knowledge of potential hazards surrounding the development of oil and gas plays, and this venture will allow them to help mitigate potential hazards up front or minimize their impact if an accident occurs. A subsidiary company utilizes their patented Cold Clean technology, which is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of cleaning equipment. The process uses dry ice foam to clean the equipment, resulting in less residual water, which is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning methods. 


Partnering with Gulf Coast Western gives all of the Joint Venture Partners the unique opportunity to work with professionals who collectively have over 45 years in the industry. Their knowledge and professionalism bring confidence to their partners, who know that they will take the utmost care and responsibility while maintaining an aggressive growth strategy. They utilize proven technologies to explore resources and determine whether they are viable for exploration and development of oil and gas. Their professionals have the experience needed to make logical estimates on new ventures. They know how to utilize existing wells and have the skills that it takes to find and establish new sites. They are also committed to partnering with responsible and innovative companies.

Gulf Coast Western is looking forward to continuing forward with a growth strategy, and are proud to provide many opportunities for current and future Partners. They have expanded beyond the Gulf Coast, moving into states with abundant resources, including Colorado and Oklahoma. They are proud to bring economic opportunities to these communities while providing a return on investment to our Partners.

GCW welcomes accredited Joint Venture Partners to contact them and get information on how to invest in the exciting oil and gas industry. To be an accredited Partner, an individual must either have a net worth that exceeds $1 million or a net income that exceeds $200,000 for the past two years (or $300,000 joint income with a spouse). Potential partners may qualify to become an accredited partner as defined by Rule 501 (a) of Regulation D established by the Securities and Exchanges Commission.

With many untapped resources throughout the country, now is the perfect time to become a Joint Venture Partner in this field, taking advantage of Gulf Coast Western’s skill, expertise, and professionalism.



Gulf Coast Western is proud of its relationships with partners in the various states in which they operate. They began in Dallas, Texas, and the company has continued to grow from there. They have operations in three Texas counties, including the East Texas Field and Home Run Field. Since they are headquartered in Texas, they are committed to successful operations in the state. They have also cultivated relationships with other Gulf Coast communities in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Joint venturers currently have operations within 22 counties throughout the United States. These resources are important to the Gulf Coast and other regions, contributing to the economy and increasing energy independence in the United States.

Gulf Coast Western pride themselves on building relationships with all of their partners, making keen observations and performing thorough analysis of each site before moving forward with exploration and development. Their Partners work, they have a commitment to building relationships with each of the Joint Venture Partners. They know that this industry can be financially risky, so they work with partners, giving them the resources they need to make sound investing decisions. Roughly 70 percent of GCW partners are repeat clients, choosing to partner on more than one venture.

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